Saudade (Sweet Ann Ver​.​)

by Junypai

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By JunyPai
(Some lyrics modified due to how Vocaloid pronounces them)
Lyrics in parenthesis represents Sweet Ann’s lyrics vs Miku's.

Ah another day, a second chance, I see
An isolated me, a sensibility
Left with your senseless touch
But yet, you're, my only true (Tied) link

When touched your notes, they sing
When strung, a fire burns
An alter ego, left
So lifeless, alone

But deep inside, you are
So breathless, departed to me

And now, my sole recital

And as divided as I am
Hidden not by choice

Touched by distant crowds
So far away
My only friend
A dissonant harmony

Not everything is what It seems
Concealed by…
Gleam that draws by lies
so dull with...

A cry that pleads for affection
Yet acts so silently

Again, my lone recital

So In a sight, I see
A distant melody,
That bridges you and me
A symphony
But left alone untouched
So speechless, detached to me

You never spoke a word
You never sought my guide
So emotionless, but (and) deep inside
You meant the best to me, but
differ to my own needs

And now, the curtains rise

We tried connecting to the mass
Spoke to open crowds
Beyond the way

Pushed for social change
And in the end,
A discordant melody

We felt a censure
Cut from those…
The favored
Sadness they imposed
The lonesome light, so expressingly
Longing a single touch

And now, the curtain falls

But through that time
We had our laughs and shared
Along the timeline
Our sight, a voice, that reigns unchanged (unchained)
But (Yet) aged, it all resets, arid


Our curiosity
Composed but chained
Sometimes we ask
Can it just stop

Our wistful air
So bright yet cold
Our sadden minds
Not fully mused

So hear my song
Not just a story
Neither told bad,
Nor told with glee

A word it says
A meaning phrased
What was it called?
Ah, we’ll call it reality


released February 20, 2017
Everything: Junypai (haha)



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Junypai California

I can't afford art 8)

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