Sentimental Cynicism

by Junypai

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First composition 8)


"Hey, did you hear about the shop that's opening up today?"
"I hear it’s really quite the treat!"
“Hey, Let's walk side by side tomorrow and see what it's all about, Yea?”
There's your smile once again

April's air is stirring, blue skies
Ceasing peace, useless dreams
Mocked by blossoms, falling thin

With today, the spring dies with me.

Oh isn't it lovely how this world brings peace? I love it!
If I off myself now, what will it matter?
Broken as I am along this blinded world, bare with me!
The people they all laugh, why do they mock me in vain!
My hope change to hopeless
My mind lives but shatters,
My hand tempts the trigger.

My mind draws blank, my eyes shut closed, i fall
My breath held tight, I lose control, but then
The memories, I see them.
The innocence of time,
I won't lie, I miss them,
The breath of life we had inside

My final breath is drawn,
My eyes still,
Drawn to the past that we once sought,

But in my final wake
I see, I hear your voice,
That signaled
“You're a real big damn idiot, you know?”

I see the blue that sweeps the blight lit sky
The flashing face that burns adventure,
The mystery that seeks, conflicting fighting lies.
A resolute that screams for answers
The fragrant spreads and drops my weight
I fall, hopelessly, hands up high, yours and mines.
and in sight, your wishes grow distant, a tragic vision, blood-stained existence
I just want to tell you that I…

Listen to my thoughts, I’m fading, am I not, how about you?
Distressed into solidity, your false envision
Oh broken emotions I hold dear to me, hated with...
Hallucinations bent into a warped tragedy, but…

Why can’t you just speak, just tell me it’s alright?
I just can’t forget, our past we shared entwined
But in that moment,
You tell me don’t stop smiling right now

But in the waking moment
Captured in my voice
I feel the spring wind shining, the blossoms peak
I feel the...

The moonlit sky that bears your touch
The chilly air that froze your fingers.
If we can ride the spring wind, let’s reach out for the past
If we can face the flowers full bloom
The scattered blossoms they stopped falling thin,
Your flowing hair scented the distance
This is the memories that we shared
And I’m not, about to, let, it, go!

My eyes widen, gazed into the sky,
My back flat besides the cold hard floor,
Is this what death feels like, I don’t feel a thing
I glance around one final moment
But held tight, my hand refuse to move
And as I look, I’m stunned, I’m mindless to speak
It can’t be, I’m dreaming, no it’s not real,
She smiles back, somehow forgotten

With spoken words, you said, “Just don’t forget.”
A broken trigger held in hand, you threw,
The loneliness I felt, flashed with those words,
And with a smile open, a lie.
Wishes and dreams that I had hoped,
Somehow, shown with bearing eyes, yours and mines.
The memories I hold beside you
A melody sung with it too
Forever and always dear my…



released December 8, 2016
Junypai (Music, Lyric)
Raexyia (Art)



all rights reserved


Junypai California

I can't afford art 8)

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