The Skies Above

by Junypai

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The trees have grown
And so has a lullaby
And with it a new vision
The days we shared
And had left
Will find a better flame


The days that passed away
With it hope that flew so high
The days that lived again
Will soon come to an end

The days the flowers bloomed
The days you smiled, blushed around
Were the days to live by
So I said, so bitterly

With days that ended
I yelled for you, don’t go
Just stay with me
You idiot

Even if we can’t come back to it
The days we shared
Will it fade away?

In the night sky up above, so high
The stage bright lit
My hands clenched with
Your arm that held me tight
The songs that swayed the night
Wasn’t this the time, we shared?

In the night sky way up high
You looked with wistful eyes, so sad
And in reply I said,
“Hey, will you learn to smile again”


The days that wandered on
Seeing you so kept to mind
Pouting at every move
A moment, carefree
The days I saw you then
Your eyes, avoided, so I stopped
Stood in front your vision
Eyes still set aside from me

With days that ended
I looked at you
So blue, but still left
A little flame
Even if we can’t come back to it
The times we had
Will it burn away?

In the pink sky up above so high
The flowers set
The blossoms fall
With awe and bliss I felt
With joy and glee I said
Isn’t this the time, we shared

Given words I tried to express
But in silence, in my view...
The smile shown to me
Was enough to just forget


In a note, a sad farewell
The tears that shed
The past we had
I know I missed it all
I lost the words I said
But now I’ll say it loud

In the night sky up above
Our final stage
The final day
My hands held tight with you
My eyes locked, gazed at you
I’ll say my symphony

In the moonlit sky above, so high
The smiles shed
The blossoms showed
A future not too late
The feelings held inside
Even if it won’t reach

In the snow felt sky above, so high
A sight that shocked
The both of us
The white that led the way
The flakes that held their stay
Our end, the last farewell

In the last sky up above
We looked with wistful eyes and said
The memories I had left with you
The melodies we sung, heard in two
And to a vow, dear my

(Last note)


released April 1, 2017
Everything: Junypai



all rights reserved


Junypai California

I can't afford art 8)

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