Bitter Sweet Canvas

by Junypai

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(Riff) Time: 0:05 - 0:17

(Verse) Time: 0:17 - 0:41
Don’t just judge me yet,
I’m just like you, so young,
With my eyes kept close
So shy, so cunning

But like everyone,
I’m just a two-faced soul
So don’t lie,
We’re all the same
You and I

It’s another day,
A different time, inane
Eyes fixated to
A screen, just ingrained

Bells ring,
It starts, an echo again
So begins, a higher learning,

(Verse 2) Time: 0:41 - 0:53
But events changed
And Life stopped seeming so forward
The turn of fate
Brought me back
What was that moment

A gleaming sight
Seem so pure
Feelings open up and
Brought back to mind
Rewind, let’s not set a closure

(Single Chorus) Time: 0:53 - 1:17
An introduction you set forwarded
Up front, timid
So reluctant
Words you showed with glee,
So made expressingly,
Tossed into a shock
So I made wary

But can’t ignore
Some words you said
Never have I related this before
As charmed as I am
You stumbled back to your seat
Falling onto the floor

(Riff) Time: 1:17 - 1:30

(Verse) Time: 1:30 - 1:53
Everyday doesn't go as I say
What happened then was
Strange, fair to say
But left inside
I won't be hoaxed
In anyway or form
Or so I say

Just when I thought my interest fell
In your hands, a ticket that you held
A festival, a musical, you shakingly gave
So quietly

(Bridge) Time: 1:53 - 1:58
I shrugged, I said why not
You smiled sprinting back to place
And then you fell

(Main Chorus) Time: 1:58 - 2:23
The stage, it set so bright lit
The songs, they sang, so unique
The night, it calmed the air
It set the mood
So bittersweet

I tried not looking your way
You smiled, you cried, right next to me
Your hands, they clasped, grip tight
You cheered the night so endlessly

(Guitar Solo) Time: 2:23 - 2:36

(Interlude) Time: 2:36 - 2:47

(Verse 1) ¾ Waltz Time: 2:47 - 3:23
Time again has just passed away
This girl just won’t let up
Won’t let go
Her motives still seems unclear

Humming a song
She just clings to me
Dancing around
Waltzing About
Eyes set all around me

Glances my way
Not shown with impression
But mainly because I can’t dance

Besides that main fact
I tripped and I fell
But she falls with me willfully

(Bridge) Time: 3:23 - 3:34
Sprinting my way
You grabbed me
“There’s no time!
There’s something else
You have to see,
Let’s go!”

(Main Chorus) Time: 3:34 - 3:58
Oh right, it’s just that time again
The trees they started blossoming
The roads, they filled with pink
You jumped so carefree

But still that very moment
We walked, you cried, not sadness
Your eyes they filled with awe
As we stepped merrily

(Solos) Time: 3:58 - 4:27

(After-solos) 130BPM (and so on) Time: 4:27 - 5:04
Waking up the next day felt strange
Filled with feelings tender to me
As the bell rings I prep my things
I’m off ahead
And so began to think

What odd plans does she have
What amusements to see
Never have I thought I’d feel this way

As I take a step forward to my desk
A written note
I take a glance
Words that reside within
Sometimes the best of things
Seem so nonsensical
The words written then

(Main Chorus) Time: 5:04 - 5:38
“Wasn’t it all just great fun?”
“I hope I wasn’t troubling”
“I wanted to spend “
“My final moments”
“With you”
“Someone I felt connected to”
“Someone that I relate to”
“I won’t and will never”
“Forget our melody”


released December 11, 2016



all rights reserved


Junypai California

I can't afford art 8)

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